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Are you looking for an investment that can earn you a passive income? Are you looking to get into the world of Cryptocurrency websites, or expand your existing crypto/internet empire?

This website is for sale. Own your very own established bitcoin faucet and sponsored web traffic service. Get involved in the rapidly growing $100 billion+ cryptocurrency industry.

EarnFreeBitcoins.com is one of the earliest "BCH for clicks/website visits" services, fully operational since 2012 with 100's of thousands of users getting their very first taste of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Some general statistics:

  • Live since December 2012, nearly 5 years of traffic data available
  • Regular 120,000+ monthly visits from 35,000+ unique users. Average visit time 10 - 15 minutes
  • Heavily diverse international audience (Brazil, India and Vietnam are currently among the top 5 visitors)
  • 45,000+ advertiser accounts
  • 868 sponsored website links that have been paid for and received visits (many have also been repeat customers)
  • 530,000+ participating link viewers (based on unique bitcoin addresses used for visit earnings)
  • 8,600 registered affiliates
  • 9,700 signups for the EARNFREEBTC token rewards program. 1,000 actual token holders.
  • ~10,000 on-chain transactions performed distributing batched payouts etc.

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With your purchase you will receive...

  • ownership of earnfreebitcoins.com high value established domain name
  • fully custom built PHP application with 100+ man-hours put into it
  • all EFB website data
  • ownership of the EARNFREEBTC Counterparty asset (note: issuance is locked to 100,000 units)
  • 6 months of basic technical support

Additional Info: The website is almost fully automated, only requiring quick manual approval of new paid sponsored links (spend less than 5 minutes per day). Profit is automatically collected and sent to a hard coded address when the threshold has been reached. There is also major opportunity for much greater banner ad revenue (the current ads are lacking).